Our Disclosure Policy

This section will be about our transparency and about the ways in which our site makes money and is financed-it is both our legal obligation to regulators and our moral obligation to our readers.


Our site does what’s called affiliate marketing. This means that we are rewarded by our partners if we bring new clients to them.

Technically, this is done through so-called referral links, which are links with special tags that associate a possible future payment with our site.

In case some of the readers (maybe even you) click on the links placed on our website and subsequently become a paid user of one of the products, we will receive a part of their payments to this product. At the same time there is no extra cost to the user – it doesn’t even cost a cent. All of the commission is entirely covered by the partner company.


We would also like to point out that the fact of the reward does not affect our evaluation and does not make us biased. We are a separate legal organization with no connection to any of the products on our site.

Also, to make our work even more transparent, monetization issues in our team are handled by a separate person who is not involved in content production. The authors of the articles, in their turn, have no information about what company provides us with what commission, so their opinion remains unbiased.

We do not accept any payments in advance, nor do we adjust our ratings for a fee or on request. We make a profit only if someone is recommended by us to use one of our products.