Freshsales Review: a complete sales automation solution for teams

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Freshsales is a full-fledged sales force automation solution for sales teams that was formerly known as Freshworks CRM. This solution makes it simple to track pipelines and manage individual accounts. It’s a clever artificial intelligence system called Freddy, and it helps salespeople get insights into the best deals to go after and what actions to take, as well as predict revenue with sales forecasting. When it comes to managing sales leads, Freshsales is a good option for businesses that have up to 5,000 contacts.

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Freshsales is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that is enterprise-ready, can support up to 5,000 users, and makes use of the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist users in accomplishing more with fewer internal resources. Additionally, the CRM allows for simple visualization of various lifecycle stages, making it simple for sales resources to monitor the progression of deals at every stage of the pipeline. Users are able to move a lead from the new stage to the contacted and qualified stages, for example, simply by dragging and dropping the lead’s status.

Sales Teams’ Tools

Lead scoring by Freddy AI

Wouldn’t it be great if your customer relationship management system had an additional set of hands to assist you in managing your pipeline? What about one that has the intelligence to automatically score your leads based on more than 30,000 different types of machine learning models? Stop dreaming; Freddy, the built-in artificial intelligence engine in Freshsales, can do all of this and more. Freddy not only makes use of the power of advanced learning models, but it is also continually learning from the data that is fed to it in the CRM. This allows Freddy to make more accurate predictions regarding the relevance of leads and the likelihood that they will convert into paying customers. In addition to this, Freddy is able to review the history of interactions with leads in order to make suggestions regarding the following step in the communication process.

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Additionally, Freddy is able to offer insights concerning the suggested engagement strategies for sales teams. For instance, while we were putting the solution through its paces, Freddy encouraged us to cultivate a lead. The feedback option, which would be provided in the form of a survey asking for a thumbs up or a thumbs down, would continue to feed data into the AI engine. And as a result, Freddy becomes increasingly effective at assisting your sales team in running their operation.

Comprehensive Contact View

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Users of Freshsales have the ability to enhance the default contact view by pulling in as much information about the lead as possible from the internet. This information can include social media profiles from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By compiling all of the lead’s information onto a single page, this creates an environment that is more engaging for the potential customers. Because the CRM also integrates with Freshdesk, users are able to have all of the information that they require in front of them at all times. Additionally, support information can be synchronized to lead pages.

Equipment for Customer Service Teams

When a company makes use of Freshsales, its sales resources have access to virtually the entire range of communication channels that are available to the company for maintaining a relationship with its customers.

The following are examples of channels that can be integrated into a CRM:

  • Email
  • Phone (call logs and recordings)
  • Real-time chats
  • Business version of WhatsApp
  • Chat for Apple’s Business
  • SMS

Ticketing and customer support features are not directly supported by Freshsales; however, organizations that run a more casual support operation may use these integrations to assist customers in resolving issues.


In addition, Freshsales offers a seamless integration with Freshdesk, which is the name of the customer support system utilized by Freshworks. Because of the integration, support tickets and agent annotations can now be automatically populated into the CRM records of the appropriate customers. It goes without saying that the sales team’s awareness of any problems a customer has been experiencing will lead to an increase in that customer’s level of satisfaction.

Marketing Teams’ Tools

There are a number of marketing automation tools included in Freshsales, and their purpose is to make it simpler for marketing resources to collaborate with sales team members in order to develop leads and convert prospects into customers.

Using a Segmentation Builder

Customers can organize CRM leads according to qualification criteria using Freshsales, which results in the development of marketing segments that can be used for outbound marketing activities such as sending mass emails or SMS messages. Customer data, such as gender, income, or age, amongst other data held in the programme, can be used to develop a segmentation model for the business.

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Sequences of Marketing Activities

Users are able to select a group of leads to enroll in an automated workflow in a manner that is both speedy and simple when they use sales sequences. To make use of this function, users need only click on the desired leads while using the filter or leads view, and then click on the “add to sequence” button after making their selections. Sequences can either be constructed in accordance with traditional rules or they can be “smart sequences” in which touchpoints are triggered in response to various actions taken by customers during engagement.

Integration and Personalization

Freshsales is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that offers a high level of customization in addition to a sizable integration library. This library can be utilized to build upon the core capabilities of the software. Over one hundred different applications are available for incorporation into your business through the Freshworks marketplace. The following items are included on the list of applications that can be combined with it:

  • Email marketing using Mailchimp
  • Freshdesk for customer support, helpdesk, and ticketing
  • Google Calendar for scheduling appointments

Customers also have the option of using Zapier to integrate the CRM with an even wider variety of cloud software applications.

Dashboards and Reports

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Freshsales comes equipped with a robust analytics and dashboard generating engine that is able to produce dashboards and reports based on CRM data. This engine can also generate dashboards automatically. Some of these are prepopulated, but users also have the option to create their very own based on the information that is stored in the CRM. For example, the prepopulated email dashboard offers a high-level view of all outbound email activity, including potential KPIs like the number of opened emails, unsubscribes, and bounced emails. Whether they are content to rely on pre-made templates or want to put together their own reports, users have access to a large amount of functionality within the tool that they can experiment with in various ways.

Mobile Apps

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store make Freshsales’ mobile applications accessible to users with iOS and Android-based mobile devices. The mobile versions of the cloud application provide salespeople who are on the move with access to the same powerful functionality as desktop users. The app for Android has received 4.5 stars, while the app for Apple has only received 4.1 stars.

Pricing and Plans

There are three different paid tiers available for purchasing Freshsales. These are Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

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Those who subscribe to the Growth tier obtain the fundamental set of features, whereas those who subscribe to the Pro plan, which is designed for larger teams, obtain, among other things, an answer bot and a lead generation bot that are both powered by AI Freddy. Enterprise customers are eligible for the widest range of features, including custom domains, an opt-in or opt-out option for call recording, forecasting insights, and holiday-time routing that is tailored specifically to their needs.

Ease of Use

Because it is intended to “live” in the cloud, setting up Freshsales can be accomplished with relative ease by even relatively modest IT teams. Initial users are required to configure a few fundamental aspects of their company, such as the country in which they are headquartered and the currency in which they will be billed. After that, the CRM is in a ready-to-use state.

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Support for Customers

Those who are in need of assistance can get in touch with Freshsales Support through the URL that is specifically designated for support requests. In order to assist users in troubleshooting and problem solving, the team offers a support number and also manages a ticketing system. However, a significant number of users will be able to assist themselves. This is because the team has compiled a comprehensive library of video resources as well as text-based documentation, both of which contributed to the result. From establishing sales sequences to configuring workflows and personalizing layouts, a wide variety of topics are covered in this course. Enterprise users also receive a dedicated account manager who is available to assist them in resolving any problems they may experience.

What Users Say About Freshsales

The interface is very simple and minimalistic. Easy to set it up and the training for the sales team is very short. The interface allows easy monitoring of your day today's sales activities and sales funnel management. The same tool helps in managing the accounts also.
We’re a relatively young company and have been using Freshdesk and have been very happy with Freshdesk. We've been looking for a CRM solution and are thrilled Freshdesk has introduced Freshsales. We've just started using Freshsales and are very happy with its simplicity yet power.
We love the fact that email and phone is present within the CRM which is a huge productivity boost for us. Previously, we used to use multiple email tools to track and run sales campaigns. But now with Freshsales, we are able to do everything within the CRM and keep track of the entire activity log. Another thing we really love as a startup is the lead scoring as we do not have the time to look at all our leads but only our most important set of leads, which Freshsales helps us out making us spend time on the right leads.

Bottom Line

Because it makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize sales and marketing workflows, Freshsales is a competitive option that distinguishes itself in the CRM market.

This multifunctional tool will put Freddy’s unseen pair of hands to work to assist your sales and marketing team in making the most out of each and every day, whether they are in the office or on the road.



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