Freshsales Review: best for growing businesses

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Freshsales is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that assists sales teams in attracting high-quality leads, engaging with prospects, and cultivating relationships with existing customers. It offers deal insights powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which you can employ for revenue and sales forecasting. It is best suited for expanding companies that are looking for a CRM and sales automation solution that is scalable and has a sophisticated phone dialer already built in.

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Freshsales Features

Freshsales provides sales teams with a wide variety of tools that are essential for attracting quality leads, engaging with customers, and closing deals based on AI-powered insights. It streamlines sales processes, which reduces the amount of manual labor required and frees up more time for your sales agents to sell. This solution possesses the features necessary to manage the entirety of the customer journey, from the generation of leads to the cultivation of existing relationships.

General Features


We awarded Freshsales’ features a score of 5 because of the breadth and depth of the tools made available to sales agents to assist in the management of deals and the completion of transactions. The management of contacts and accounts, as well as sales activities, automated workflows, and deal management, are some of its most important features. Each tier is equipped with a unique set of capabilities, including but not limited to those pertaining to customization, automation, data administration, cloud telephony, communication, data protection, and reporting.

The following is a list of Freshsales’s general features:

  • Contact management
  • Deal management
  • Lead management
  • Sales pipelines
  • Sales reporting
  • Analytics
  • Mobile app

Specialized Features


A score of 3.75 out of 5 was given to Freshsales for its specialized features because we found some areas that need to be improved, such as the availability of multiple sales pipelines, which are only available in more expensive tiers. Due to the importance of this component, we would like to see it included in all of the plans. In the meantime, some of the features that particularly stand out to us are the ability to customize, automate, use tools based on artificial intelligence (AI), and manage pipelines.


Freshsales gives you the ability to tailor both your account and its settings to the particular specifications of your company. The system gives you the ability to create and keep track of individualized sales activities, which enables you to keep an eye on your client interactions, appointments, and overall performance. The contact fields, contact lifecycle stages, business modules, roles and permissions, currencies, and language are some of the additional aspects that are open to customization.

Under the feature of system customization offered by Freshsales, the following functionalities are available:

  • Custom sales activities
  • Fields’ customization
  • Custom modules
  • Phases of the contact lifecycle
  • Multiple currencies and languages are supported
  • Individualized access rights and roles
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Automation of Workflow Systems

By automating routine, manually performed tasks, Freshsales contributes to an increase in both the efficiency and productivity of your team. It automatically distributes leads, contacts, and even chat conversations to the appropriate salespeople, selecting those individuals based on relevant criteria such as skill level and bandwidth. It also has sales sequences, web forms, email templates, workflows, and an activity timeline as part of its CRM automation features.

The following are some of the functionalities that fall under the workflow automation feature of Freshsales:

  • Auto-assignment rules
  • Forms on websites that can be used to collect contact information and generate leads
  • Routing calls over the holidays
  • Auto-profile enrichment
  • Make your sales process more efficient by automating routine things
  • Automated processes for sales sequences and interaction with customers
  • Templates for emails
  • The activity timeline summarizes all interactions that customers have had with your company
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Pipeline Management

Create, manage, and keep tabs on the progress of multiple teams’ sales pipelines with the help of Freshsales. Deal probabilities can be set, and sales revenue forecasts can be obtained for each stage of a deal’s progression. The software also enables you to set up your product catalog, define and track sales goals based on closed deals and revenue, and communicate with your sales team using Slack regarding ongoing deals. You are provided with editable templates for a variety of document types, including contracts and quotes, by its CPQ add-on.

Here are some functionalities under Freshsales’ pipeline management feature:

  • Multiple sales pipeline
  • Detailed product catalog, including pricing, discounts, and applicable taxes
  • Probability of the next deal stage and revenue projections by deal stage
  • Establishing objectives for sales
  • Use Slack to coordinate the work of your team on pending deals

Freddy AI

The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistant known as Freddy AI that is included in Freshsales boosts your productivity by providing insightful recommendations regarding the completion of pending tasks, meetings, and deals. You are able to generate leads and send visitors on your site welcome messages with the help of its custom bots. In addition to this, it advises you as to which contacts should take precedence, estimates the probability that your business transactions will be successful, and provides projections of your sales and revenue.

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The following is a list of functionalities that fall under the AI assistant feature of Freshsales:

  • The suggested following step for business transactions
  • Automate the process of identifying and eliminating duplicate entries in contacts and accounts
  • Predictive scoring of the contacts
  • Calendar event suggestion
  • Deal insights
  • Bot for generating leads
  • Forecasting of future sales

Integrations from Third Parties

You will have the ability to synchronize all of your customer data into the Freshsales platform thanks to its integration capabilities, which allow it to work with a wide variety of third-party applications. These include its native integrations with other Freshworks products as well as tools for document management, accounting, and email marketing.

The following are some of its most widely used integrations:

  • Freshdesk
  • Freshmarketer
  • Freshchat
  • Freshcaller
  • Mailchimp
  • HubSpot CRM

Assistance to Customers


Freshsales received a score of 4.5 out of 5 for its support because it offers users round-the-clock customer support through phone, live chat, and email, regardless of which plan they are subscribed to. You can also use its knowledge base to learn about the best ways to use the software and how to use specific functions by gaining access to this information. There are approximately thirty topic categories, each of which contains a variety of articles on how to perform a specific task. These categories include account management, deal and pipeline management, and phone settings.

In addition, customers who subscribe to the Enterprise plan are given access to a personal account manager. Dedicated account managers are available to assist you in resolving issues with the software or in communicating your feedback to the management of Freshsales.

Simpleness of Use


We gave Freshsales a perfect score of five out of five for its ease of use because it is easy to use and implement for users of all skill levels, from novices to intermediates. It has a user interface that is easy to understand and displays all of the primary menu options. You will also be guided through the process of customization and implementation by means of automatic prompts that will appear on the screen at appropriate times. You can either consult the system’s knowledge base or make an appointment for a free onboarding session if you find that you require additional instruction regarding how to use the system.

Freshsales Review: best for growing businesses — 5

Rating from an Expert


Because the vast majority of Freshsales’s existing customers have given the company positive feedback on the website, we gave it a score of 4.5 out of 5. The user-friendliness of its interface and the extent to which it can be personalized are two features that the vast majority of users appreciate. However, some people believe that its pricing strategy is more expensive compared to that of its rivals. The following are reviews of Freshsales CRM that have been published on other well-known review websites:

We are too big for no CRM, but not big enough to implement the HubSpot and Salesforce CRMs of the world. We tried those systems thinking we needed the features and analytics, but the spend and maintenance for those systems are too high. Freshsales, Freshchat, Freshmarketer, and Freshdesk make a seriously well priced and powerful system full of the features we need to produce the right results: a good relationship with customers. Freshworks' customer support is spot on. It seems no matter when I need help, they are less than a few minutes away from a solution. Freshchat is king! We've even deployed the same support structure on our website (Freshchat) and lead conversion has gone way up. It's nice to see a company have a product good enough to use themselves. I also like being able to achieve the same results for my customers as Freshworks has produced for me without major customizations.
I had a great experience and it has made my life easy ever since I started using it. The product is not bloated like most CRMs. It is very user-friendly and it has a left navigation panel that just lets navigating to any page easily and is very user friendly.
If you need a good solution for your marketing teams to organize customer information better and achieve better efficiency, Freshsales is a great option. I like the way the Freshsales software interacts with me. It has a great UI and also it is very smooth to load contacts and send email campaigns with this

Freshsales Pricing


In the course of our analysis, we gave Freshsales a perfect score of five stars for their pricing. The CRM subscription offered by Freshsales is available for free, in addition to three paid tiers that each support an unlimited number of users. The fees begin at $15 per user, on a monthly basis. Basic contact and account management, sales pipeline management, an integrated phone dialer, website integration, a mobile app, and customer support are all included in the free plan. You have the option of signing up for a free trial of the paid tiers that lasts for 21 days.

Freshsales Review: best for growing businesses — 9


The free plan offered by Freshsales includes fundamental CRM features such as contacts, accounts, deals, tasks, data import and export, as well as mobile app support. You are able to create new forms, track website visitors, rename modules that are already installed, and set up a chat widget on your website. It provides a local and toll-free number purchase option in addition to an in-built phone dialer with caller ID functionality.


In addition to the features that are included in the Free plan, the Growth plan includes more advanced features such as basic segmentation, custom fields, product catalogs, workflows, visual sales pipelines, reports, and sales emails. It allots two gigabytes (GB) for the user’s file storage, five sales sequences, five hundred sales sequence emails each day, and two hundred fifty GB for personalized bulk emails each day. You will also have access to integrations for Facebook Messenger and SMS, as well as predictive contact scoring and the Freshworks Marketplace.


The Pro plan of Freshsales includes all of the features that are included in the Growth plan, in addition to behavioral segmentation, custom sales activities, an activity dashboard, time-based workflows, and custom fields. It gives you the ability to create a number of different sales pipelines, goals, and teams. In addition to that, it offers increased storage quotas for both files and sales emails. The ability to use mobile apps offline, conference calling, chat campaigns, lead generation, and deal insights are some of the other features.


The Enterprise plan provides access to more sophisticated features, such as auto-profile enrichment and extensive CRM customization options, in addition to sales forecasting and territory management. Built-in features for the phone include holiday routing and queue callback, and custom reports can include advanced metrics like won deals and emails delivered. In addition, there is a dedicated account manager who will assist you in resolving any problems that may arise.

Freshsales Suite

A subscription called Freshsales Suite is available from Freshsales in addition to the tiers that are described above. Freshsales Suite is comprised of marketing-specific tools. The pricing plans are the same as those for the sales CRM, but it has marketing features such as the following:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Personalized domains for use in marketing email
  • Marketing journey builder
  • Landing pages
  • Add-on service for a dedicated IP address (Enterprise only)

Bottom Line

Freshsales is a robust and scalable customer relationship management (CRM) platform that comes packed with features for managing contacts, accounts, sales pipelines, and deals. It is possible to make calls directly from within the application thanks to the built-in cloud phone that is included in this product. In addition to this, it possesses an assistant that is powered by AI and is capable of automating and enhancing a variety of tasks, including contact scoring, customer communication, and forecasting.

Visit the website of Freshsales in order to sign up for a free trial that lasts for 21 days, or get started with its free plan in order to learn about all of its features.



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