In-depth Freshworks CRM review

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Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy began working on a user-focused customer service solution after Girish Mathrubootham had a negative experience with the company’s customer service. Freshdesk was initially released in 2011, and the company acquired its first paying customer just four days after the launch. 2014 marked the year that Freshdesk reached the milestone of 30,000 customers, and the following year, the company introduced its second product, Freshsales, which would later evolve into Freshworks. This comprehensive review of Freshworks CRM will provide you with all of the information you require concerning this next-generation platform.

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Flexibility and Adaptability to Fit the Needs

According to a number of reviews of Freshworks CRM, the software has the potential to be an excellent choice for sole proprietors and small businesses that are looking for an advanced contact management software solution that also includes an integrated phone system. You will be able to make phone calls to your contacts directly from the Freshworks CRM interface because the phone system is integrated with the platform. Comparing Freshworks CRM to Zoho, the former offers features such as contact management, an integrated phone, tasks and appointments, mobile access, phone and email support, API access, lead scoring, and integration with Freshdesk for a cost of zero dollars. Using Zoho would set you back about $165 if you used all of these features.

If you use other Freshworks products in addition to Freshworks CRM, such as Freschat, Freshdesk, Freshmarketer, Freshteam, Freshconnect, and Freshsuccess, then Freshworks CRM can become an even more useful tool for you. You are able to manage all of your responsibilities within a unified setting thanks to the fact that Freshworks CRM is a component of a larger ecosystem.

Rich in Features Solution for Companies of All Sizes

According to a number of reviews of Freshworks CRM, the fact that the software is both reasonably priced and simple to operate makes it an excellent option for many small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to this, it provides more sophisticated options for large businesses and corporations. Additionally, Freshworks CRM offers a wide variety of third-party integrations, which are crucial for the majority of companies. API access, Freshdesk, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Zapier, and Google Calendar are among the Freshworks CRM integrations that have proven to be the most popular with customers.

The customer relationship management system Freshworks is famous for its regular updates. The software has undergone rapid development over the past few years, with important new integrations and features, such as sales intelligence and workflow automation tools, being added on an almost constant basis. Additionally, it can be read in more than 30 different languages. In the meantime, a number of customers who have used Freshworks CRM have written reviews praising the way the software is consistently getting better and recommending it specifically for this reason.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular features of the platform and see how they stack up against other options.

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With support for multiple currencies and languages, in addition to features such as contact lifecycle stages, custom fields, sales activities, and modules, the Freshworks CRM is able to adjust to the needs of your team rather than requiring it to conform to the requirements of its own CRM. You are able to create the stages of your lifecycle in an effortless manner based on your business process. You have the ability to create text fields, fields with date pickers, fields with checklists, and even fields with formulas so that you can collect and save as much information as you require, as well as track all of the activities necessary to define their outcomes. Everything can be done in the currency of the area and in the language that you already know. There are not many other options that can offer these capabilities, particularly not at this price range.


In this Freshworks CRM review, we will also discuss the platform’s automation features. These include task management, auto-assignment rules, sales sequences, workflows, internal notifications, and contextual collaboration with Slack. Because of all these features, the productivity of your team will increase, and they will have more time to devote to work that does not involve menial tasks. This is one of the reasons why this platform is such a popular option for small businesses that have a limited number of employees. If we look at Freshworks CRM and compare it to Salesforce, we find that 72.0% of Freshworks CRM’s users are small businesses, while only 24.9% of Salesforce’s users are.


Our analysis of Freshworks CRM continues with a look at the platform’s communication features, which are designed to assist you in developing strong and enduring relationships with your clients. The software allows you to connect your email account so that you can send, manage, and track emails. You are able to make calls directly from your dashboard, and you are also able to live chat with customers who are visiting your website. In addition to that, the software is able to both send and receive iMessages and integrates with WhatsApp Business. The final step is to incorporate it with your SMS service provider.

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Automation of Marketing Processes

The marketing automation of the platform was designed to locate and engage your target audience with the assistance of sophisticated tools for automating workflows, personalizing content from beginning to end, and categorizing users based on their behaviors. According to our analysis of Freshworks CRM, the features that make it possible to do all of this are as follows: the ability to create smart segments, the ability to build marketing lists, web forms, a visual email builder, and a marketing journey builder.

Freddy AI

You will always be one step ahead of your competition when you use features such as lead generation bot, auto-profile enrichment, predictive contact scoring, deduplication by Freddy, out-of-office detection, and deal insights. You will have the ability to create personalized bots and automated chat messages, as well as collect data about your contacts and organize them based on the level of interaction you have with each of them. In addition to this, Freddy AI will clean up your lists by removing any duplicate leads or contacts that it finds. According to reviews of Freshworks CRM, the insights provided by Freddy AI assist users in making better decisions and in concluding deals more quickly.

Pipeline Management

The sales pipeline management package provides access to multiple sales pipelines, a product catalog, sales goals, sales forecasting, and rotten deals. These features were developed to assist you in managing multiple sales teams and keeping tabs on the deals they are working on, in addition to monitoring the growth of your product and service catalog. You are able to set sales goals, make sales forecasts that are more accurate, and concentrate on the deals that demand more of your attention.

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According to reviews left by previous users of Freshworks CRM, the platform can assist you in analyzing the performance of your team across all territories and geographies, as well as providing insights into all metrics. Standard, attribution, conversion, and custom reports, in addition to win-loss analysis, are the features that can make this a reality for the business. All of them provide an analysis that is more advanced than the majority of the alternatives. When contrasting Freshworks CRM with HubSpot, for instance, despite the fact that both platforms enable users to generate reports and dashboards, the latter lacks the former’s built-in reports functionality and cross-module reporting, whereas the former offers both of these features.


The Freshworks CRM puts you in complete control of how easily users can access the data you store. Our review of Freshworks CRM demonstrates that it is possible to manage roles and responsibilities, as well as control access to information, through the use of audit logs, custom roles, and field permissions. You will have the ability to view the changes made by all users organized in a tidy chronological sequence. You will also be able to create roles from scratch, as well as make sensitive data fields editable, readable, or hidden. In addition, you will have the ability to hide sensitive data fields.


Mobile Apps

The Freshworks CRM app gives you the ability to access all of your data at any time and from any location. It allows you to check in at your current location, syncs with Google Maps, lets you add voice notes to your records, and even works when you’re not connected to the internet. You can also sync your accounts thanks to its support for add-ons for both Gmail and Outlook.

How much does it cost to use Freshworks CRM?

A demo version of Freshworks CRM that lasts for 21 days and does not require a credit card is available for all pricing tiers. However, when we clicked the link, we were taken to the demo version of the software instead of the free version that was advertised on the vendor’s website. In the meantime, older reviews of Freshsales mention that the free version offers full functionality for individual use as well as for use by startups and small businesses. Having said that, the validity of this information regarding the redesigned Freshworks CRM has not been verified. Get in touch with the provider directly for any additional information. For the time being, let’s focus on what we absolutely know to be true concerning the pricing of the different Freshworks CRM plans.

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The Growth plan has a price of $29 per user per month and is billed annually. It is recommended for small businesses that are expanding quickly and need an all-in-one customer relationship management system.


Our analysis of the costs of Freshworks CRM continues with a look at the tier that, according to the reviews of Freshworks CRM, is the most widely used. Larger teams are encouraged to sign up for the Pro plan, which has a monthly cost of $69 per user and is billed annually.


The Enterprise plan of Freshworks CRM costs $125 per user per month and is billed annually. This plan is designed to meet the needs of large businesses that require a high level of customization and control.

Credits for phone calls

You have the option to purchase additional phone credits, with pricing beginning at $25, in order to make and receive calls within the CRM. Bring your own carrier, call masking, voicemails, call recording, and call queues are some of the most popular features that are included with this add-on.

Email Marketing

Additionally, Freshworks CRM enables you to save additional contact records in the CRM, so you can broaden the scope of your marketing efforts. The price will change based on the number of contacts you have. If you have up to 25,000 contacts, for instance, you can add an additional 1,000 for the price of $20 per month. The cost is $15 per month for every 1,000 contacts if you have up to 100,000 contacts in your database. And finally, if you already have more than 100,000 contacts in your account, you can add an additional 1,000 for an additional $10 per month. This is the most advantageous and widely utilized discount available for Freshworks CRM.


Our review of Freshworks CRM demonstrates that if you require additional workflows in addition to those that are included in your Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans, you can easily add them with this add-on. The cost of ten workflows is ten dollars per month, and this price includes features like updating records and sending emails as well as assigning records.

Business version of WhatsApp

You can read and respond to messages sent to you via WhatsApp directly from your Freshworks CRM for a monthly fee of $49. In addition to that, it comes equipped with functions like automated responses and proactive messaging, as well as call-to-chat routing, two-factor authentication, and click ads to WhatsApp.

Sales Cloud

Freshworks also provides separate CRM clouds for sales and marketing, with the former being known as the Sales Cloud and the latter being the Marketing Cloud.

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Customer Support for Freshworks CRM

Our research into Freshworks CRM led us to a comprehensive knowledge base that provided all of the platform’s how-to instructions and recommendations for best practices. In addition to that, the company provides helpful guides that can be utilized by both experienced users and new users alike.

Paid users of Freshworks CRM have access to support via email, phone, and live chat in the event that they run into questions or problems that they are unable to resolve on their own. This is one area in which the software shines. When we compare Freshworks CRM to one of its most formidable rivals, Pipedrive, for instance, we find that all users of Freshworks receive support via email, phone, and live chat. Pipedrive’s most expensive plan is the only one that includes access to the company’s phone support.

Users of Freshworks CRM have given the customer support service positive reviews, praising it for its friendliness and sense of responsibility.

It's so easy to use. Automation of their Sales Sequence where we can send an emails to users when the contact is created or the status is changed. It automatically send the mail to contacts. It reduce manpower and is so easy to create.
Freshsales is one of the best products by the freshworks. So strong and easy to use CRM for the sales person and marketing person. So many features to love like - Sales Sequence, Customer journey, Automation, Deals etc.
Freshsales includes an excellent user interface design, a vibrant theme, a quick and simple email campaign procedure, and a report and monitor system. Even a novice can comprehend how the gadget operates.


The benefits of using Freshworks CRM far outweigh its drawbacks. Because the software contains a wide variety of useful features, it is applicable to companies of all sizes. In addition to this, the prices of its plans are significantly lower when compared to those of its competitors. It is simple to set up and use, and it features an outstanding customer support team that is reachable by phone, live chat, and email for all of its users.

On the other hand, our analysis of Freshworks CRM revealed that the software does not include any integrations for project management. Additionally, there is no built-in calendar for setting appointments or scheduling meetings. These are the functionalities that are requested the most frequently, and because the company is aware of it, we are confident that they will be included in an upcoming update. The vendor has a reputation for listening to its users and ensuring that they are satisfied with the product.



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