Pipedrive CRM Review: stay in touch with leads and contacts as easy as possible

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In recent years, Pipedrive has emerged as one of the leading customer relationship management systems (CRMs) for both small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise customers. Over 90,000 teams all over the world are currently making use of it. In terms of design, operation, and configuration, it places a premium on straightforwardness, and it additionally provides a free trial with no obligation to provide a credit card. The customer relationship management system (CRM) includes a number of useful mobile features, such as the capability to directly capture and store images related to contacts.

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Pipedrive is probably going to be a good match for your business if your marketing and sales teams value ease of use and integration. It has features such as sales reporting and forecasting, an enormous library of integrations with third-party apps and connectors, and capable mobile apps for Android and iOS that make it simple to capture lead data while the user is out and about in the world.

Sales Teams’ Tools

Pipedrive uses columns to organize leads, and each column is arranged according to the stage of the lead. It functions similarly to other customer relationship management systems in that it enables users to send and log emails without leaving the CRM interface. Before sending a template to a lead or contact, it is possible for multiple teams to manually edit and share the same template.

Users have the ability to quickly recall information about the user associated with the email address that they are sending to thanks to a widget called “Smart Data Search” that appears to the left of the opportunity view. This information can include the user’s estimated address, their current employer, and their LinkedIn profile.

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Keeping track of the status of a deal is simple. Users can easily update the CRM, as well as the members of their team, regarding the status of a deal by simply dragging and dropping a lead into either the “lost” or “won” button.

Pipedrive is equipped with some reliable tools for automating workflows. When a user reaches a particular deal stage, an email can be triggered to send automatically. In addition, internal workflows can be expanded to include internal actions such as account hand-offs, opportunity to contact conversions, and follow-up call prompts.

Customer Support Tools

Pipedrive does not come equipped with a built-in tool for creating a helpdesk or a ticket-based support system. On the other hand, support teams can use the web form creator to create forms that could potentially capture information that is helpful in resolving common user difficulties.

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SupportBee, Slaask (support for Slack users), and Nectar Desk are just a few of the many support tools that can be found in the Pipedrive Marketplace. These integrate certain support platform tools into the customer relationship management system. Users of Pipedrive who have the Nectar Desk extension installed, for example, are able to use the CRM to make calls through Pipedrive and append call recordings to the records they are associated with in Pipedrive.

Marketing Teams’ Tools

Pipedrive comes with its own built-in email editor and composer, which comes equipped with the following features:

  • Users have the ability to directly send emails from within the CRM itself.
  • Users have the ability to auto populate messages with the appropriate template based on the automation criteria that has been preconfigured, and they also have the option to make manual adjustments before sending.
  • Users are able to send email from outside of Pipedrive and have it automatically captured and added to the system through the use of the smart email BCC feature. Pipedrive is even capable of automatically associating the conversation with a record if it is discovered that the recipient already has one.
  • Real-time notifications about email opens and link clicks provide sales teams with a competitive advantage, allowing them to know when a lead is maturing and could potentially benefit from further communication.
  • Users of Pipedrive have the ability to completely personalize activity types. For example, if a marketing team frequently holds on-site workshops, this could be created as a CRM property and logged in the appropriate manner.
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Integrations And Customizations

Pipedrive allows for complete and total customization of all aspects. Properties, views, sales stages, and deal types are all able to be modified to better accommodate the specific requirements of the organization that will be using it.

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Pipedrive also provides ambitious users with a powerful API that can be used to go beyond the integrations that the company already offers through both its marketplace and dedicated third-party marketing automation integration platforms such as Zapier. This API can be used by users who want to go beyond the integrations that the company already offers.

The Pipedrive Marketplace, on the other hand, which features an exhaustive selection of apps and integrations that can be added to Pipedrive in order to broaden its functionality, is the most impressive aspect of Pipedrive. These include tools for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), such as the Ring.io Power Dialer, as well as systems for accounting and bookkeeping, such as Xero.

Dashboards and Reports

The sales reporting module makes it simple for sales managers to retrieve and access data on higher-level sales with the click of a button.

It is very simple to retrieve statistics in accordance with particular timeframes and pipeline stages thanks to a powerful filter bar that is located on the left-hand side of the screen. Managers have the ability to view metrics such as the total and average value of deals won as well as the average number of deals that are closed by each user over the course of a given period.

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The sales forecasting module gives the sales team the ability to generate projections regarding the expected results they will have by the time the next reporting period rolls around.

The forecasting tool offers sales managers a comprehensive breakdown of both the current value of the pipeline opportunities that have not yet been closed, as well as a predicted value based on the team’s history to date at creating top funnel opportunities. This information is provided to the sales managers in a graphical format. The total value offers a credible monetary estimate that can serve as a reference point for high-level financial calculations in a company.

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Mobile Apps

Pipedrive offers mobile applications for both Android and iOS. These capabilities are offered by the official mobile clients:

  • Unrestricted access to any and all CRM data that may be retrieved using the web user interface.
  • The ability to sync and retrieve data offline is ideal for situations in which sales teams operating in the field lose connectivity.
  • Automated prompts to guide field agents through the completion of end-of-day administrative tasks and paperwork, such as submitting reports and entering into the system agreed-upon phone calls and other engagements.

Pricing and Plans

Pipedrive is offered in four different tiers: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. Users have the option of subscribing to Pipedrive on a monthly or annual basis, with the latter option resulting in a discount of 17%.

In addition to a wide variety of other system components, comprehensive calendar entry, data scheduling, and revenue forecasting are included in all four tiers of the solution.

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The following is an explanation of the differences between the tiers:

  • The Essential plan lacks many features, including those related to communications, automation and growth, privacy and security, and reporting. It also does not include a product catalogue or calls from the web to mobile devices.
  • The Essential and Advanced tiers each permit one dashboard, while the Professional and Enterprise tiers permit an unlimited number of dashboards.
  • The availability of customer service support is included with all of the plans. Support is available via chat for the Essential, Advanced, and Professional tiers, while phone support is available for the Enterprise tier.

The Professional plan and the Enterprise plan are virtually identical, with only the following exceptions:

  • Enterprise plan includes 100 workflow automation actions, while Professional plan includes only 60 of them.
  • The Enterprise plan includes an unlimited number of sets of advanced permissions, while the Professional plan only includes three sets.

Ease of Use

Pipedrive is one of the more user- and administrator-friendly options available among the major CRMs.

It is entirely hosted in the cloud, and the process of setting it up requires nothing more than having the systems administrator of the organization sign up for a free trial.

Following its conclusion, all that will be required of the organization is to immediately start making payments toward the subscription in order to maintain access to the product tier of their choosing.

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Pipedrive has compiled a large amount of documentation to assist users with common setup tasks. These tasks include importing user data from an earlier CRM, configuring custom fields, and even extracting information directly from spreadsheets. This documentation can be found on the Pipedrive website. In point of fact, the CRM is compatible with a third-party app known as Import2, which helps to simplify the process of importing data and setting it up.

Users in general report that the CRM is exceptionally simple to work with. The pipeline can be easily monitored by sales teams thanks to the side-by-side board-style visualization of deals that it provides. This makes it simple to move deals between stages and to mark them as won or closed.

Support for Customers

Pipedrive customers can rest assured that they will receive at least some level of assistance from the Pipedrive team, even if they do not have access to live phone support (this perk is reserved for the highest service tier), which ought to be sufficient to help them overcome any challenges they may face.

There is a comprehensive multimedia help desk that provides tutorials on both common user issues as well as more advanced topics such as resolving syncing difficulties with the mobile apps or configuring a 2-way sync service between Pipedrive and a third-party email service. The vast majority of one-to-one support is performed through the use of a system that is based on email and tickets and is available around the clock.

What Pipedrive Customers Have to Say About It

Pipedrive shows us everything we need to track any sales pipeline from our marketing department, as well as showing us secure channels to share with our customers through the CRM. The file export tools are exceptional and very powerful so we can take advantage of deals that close early and the system doesn't crash.
I like Pipedrive's ability to monitor and graphically present the development of leads and possibilities within the company. It allows users to make calls directly from the CRM, centralizing all commercial activity. Automated follow-ups, communication management, and no-work sales are all pluses. When you set up a transaction or move a deal forward in the pipeline, you can automate the distribution of custom email templates.
It has a live chat, where we can communicate with our customers, to serve them first hand and to close more sales. It also has very important integrations such as google contacts and Gmail, thus having the important information in the same system. Its greatest virtue is segmentation, as it allows us to segment easily, quickly and with the best filters, to get the ideal customers for our company.


Pipedrive is an excellent choice of customer relationship management system for groups that are looking for a solution that is simple to operate and will make it as easy as possible to maintain communication with leads and contacts. Additionally, it features a user Marketplace, which enables power users to significantly expand the CRM’s basic functionality by purchasing additional add-ons from other users. On the other hand, a power user who is truly interested in getting under the hood might find it more convenient to look into other options.



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