Review of Pipedrive CRM: an efficient and easy-to-use CRM

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Pipedrive provides an effective and simple customer relationship management system (CRM) that features smart marketing tools to assist you in actively selling your products and services. If you run a small business or are a member of a marketing team, then you should consider using Pipedrive.

Pipedrive has reasonable prices, is ridiculously simple to use, and was developed specifically for sales professionals by sales professionals. Pipedrive is a tool that can be a worthwhile investment for businesses that want to improve their lead generation as well as their sales flow from top to bottom.

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An Introduction to Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a user-friendly and effective customer relationship management (CRM) software that features smart marketing tools to assist you in actively selling your products and services. If you run a small business or are a member of a marketing team, you should consider using Pipedrive.

Pipedrive has reasonable prices, is ridiculously simple to use, and was developed specifically for sales professionals by sales professionals. Due to the scalability of the platform, it is an excellent option for teams that are rapidly expanding. Pipedrive is a tool that can be a worthwhile investment for businesses that want to improve their lead generation as well as their sales flow from top to bottom.

Is Pipedrive the right choice for your company?

Because it comes with such a comprehensive collection of CRM tools, Pipedrive will appeal to a wide variety of different types of small businesses and provide them with features and benefits that they will adore. Pipedrive is ideal for small teams or even solopreneurs who want to improve their sales process by organising leads, generating leads, or improving their sales process. This is because Pipedrive is incredibly inexpensive.

Pipedrive is a useful tool for virtually any owner of a small business who generates leads, closes deals, or sells services, and it can be used to do all of these things. Pipedrive provides a comprehensive assortment of high-quality marketing and customer relationship management tools at prices that are affordable for businesses whose websites generate leads or sell products.

Features of Pipedrive

Imagine for a moment that you could quickly glance at a sales dashboard that was both efficient and beautiful to see which deals are expected to close this month. Imagine, for example, that every member of your team had instant access to your lead flow via a dashboard that was simple to grasp. Let’s take a look at the many different features that Pipedrive has to offer in a much more in-depth manner. In this way, you will be able to obtain a reliable indication of the ways in which Pipedrive can assist you in stimulating your sales team.

Pipeline management

Through the application of tried and tested procedures, pipeline management brings to the foreground your lead generation and sales process. Because of this new information, you and the rest of your team will know exactly what steps to take to boost conversions while maintaining your original goals.

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The status of each step in the sales stage can be viewed in the main dashboard of your Pipedrive account, allowing your team to easily determine what actions to take next. The dashboard has a high level of user friendliness, which enables you to comprehend your priorities and direct your marketing efforts with the precision of a laser beam.

Pipedrive’s best pipeline management features

  • You’ll have no trouble locating the specific statistics you’re looking for. Simply taking a glance at the data allows you to quickly identify patterns and locate solutions to any questions you may have regarding the way in which you generate leads.
  • You are able to quickly and easily personalise each level of your pipeline to correspond with the particular sales and marketing procedure that you employ.
  • Using the user-friendly visual layout, you will have no trouble adding new contacts, activities, and deals.

Integration of email

Have you ever been annoyed when a prospect asks you for help but you have no idea who they are or how they found you? If so, this probably happened to you at some point. If that is the case, then you are squandering a significant amount of time and energy.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew who each prospect was and where they were in the process of going through your marketing steps? Pipedrive simplifies this process by linking your emails to your contacts in your account.

Your small business could lose a lot of money if it has to deal with a lead flow that is disorganised. Particularly in the event that a customer detects that you are unprepared.

Tracking your leads and the conversions that occur via email is made ridiculously simple with Pipedrive. You will be aware of the status of each prospect as well as the emails that are opened by them. You’ll also be aware of their precise status, which will allow you to concentrate on providing excellent support, following up with them, or making sales.

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The following are the top email integration features available in Pipedrive

  • You can easily sync your emails with your email inbox, making it easy to access and centralising the data you need for marketing and lead generation.
  • Pipedrive is a great tool for maintaining your sense of organisation. It is possible to send emails directly from within Pipedrive, and you can also choose to have those emails synchronised with your other email accounts.
  • Notifications received in real time let you know as soon as potential customers open emails or click on links. By doing so, you will be able to magically follow up with your prospect when you are most fresh in their mind.

Activities and goals

Knowledge is power when it comes to your small business. Pipedrive’s activities and goals feature provides insights into what is happening in your business as well as what is coming up in the near future. In addition to this, it is flexible, allowing you to define various activities and tasks in accordance with the requirements of your company. This feature is fantastic for you if you want to schedule your deals in such a way that you never miss an upcoming meeting, sales call, or other milestone in the process of closing a deal. You can sync your entire to-do list with your Google calendar in a matter of minutes. You will always be aware of what is to come, allowing you to make the most thorough preparations possible.

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The very best features of Pipedrive’s activities and goals

  • Make it simple to delegate responsibilities to individual team members so that everyone can benefit from each person’s particular set of skills.
  • Make use of the “deal rotting” feature in order to quickly identify missed meetings or opportunities that have been lost.
  • You will always be aware of what’s coming next in the entirety of your sales pipeline and flow, which will allow you to adequately plan for the best possible impact.

Generating leads

Even if you run the most reputable company in the world, if you don’t generate leads for your business and follow through with them, it’s extremely unlikely that you will be successful. Because of this, you are going to adore the features that Pipedrive provides for the generation of prospects.

Pipedrive can assist you in launching and deploying an intelligent bot on your website that is capable of collecting leads. After that, you will have the ability to automatically direct those leads to your most successful sales representative. In this way, you will ensure that none of the people who visit your website slip through the cracks. Leveraging and intelligent automation are two additional ways in which you can benefit from your sales team.

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The most effective lead generation features of Pipedrive

  • Using a chatbot, you can collect leads directly on your website, ensuring that you never lose track of a hot lead.
  • It is imperative that you immediately distribute your leads to the most qualified sales team representatives in order to transform a warm lead into a scorching hot one.
  • Make it possible for visitors to your website to schedule appointments with you directly through the use of bots on your website. Your marketing world will be rocked by bots due to the fact that they never get sick, go to sleep, or ignore the interest of your prospects.

Sales reporting

In the absence of a clear comprehension of the data’s implications, they are of no use. On the other hand, if the information you provide is extremely simple to comprehend, it may very well be the single most valuable marketing asset you possess.

This is the reason why Pipedrive has such an impressive dashboard for reporting sales. You have a clear understanding of the key performance indicators that contribute to the success of your company (or whimper).

The reporting features of Pipedrive make it easy to visualise your best performers as well as the members of your sales team who are having the most difficulty.

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The most useful reporting functions for sales available in Pipedrive

  • Your key performance indicators can be easily visualised, allowing you to easily see what is working and what isn’t working for you.
  • Get a quick understanding of important data presented in visually appealing charts and graphs that reveal information about your company.
  • You are able to improve your marketing and sales goals on every level thanks to the straightforward reporting.

Forecasting of future sales

Imagine for a moment that you had access to a sophisticated sales forecasting tool that would assist you in selecting which deals and prospects would be the primary focus of your marketing efforts. Each day, the amount of time that we have available to devote to marketing and running our small businesses is limited. Because of this, it is absolutely necessary for us to make the most out of each and every moment. You will have complete clarity with Pipedrive, allowing you to decide which activities and deals are the most important to focus on at any given time.

The most advanced sales forecasting tools offered by Pipedrive

  • Focus on the deals that have the highest probability of being successful so that you can make the most of the time you have available.
  • Give your marketing managers and sales team the authority to keep their attention solely on the fruit that is easily accessible.
  • Make your forecasts more specific by focusing on specific dates, products, and deals, among other things.

How your company can benefit from using Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s primary advantages revolve around improving the efficiency with which your company generates leads and communicates with those leads. At the same time, you are able to track each and every moving part of your marketing process in order to optimise it for maximum effectiveness.

When it comes to the world of marketing, being disorganised is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen. Imagine for a moment that you had a large number of potential customers who were eagerly anticipating the opportunity to ask you questions, but you were too preoccupied to respond to their inquiries.

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Imagine things getting even worse if your website wasn’t properly optimised to collect information, answer questions, or generate leads in the first place. This would be the worst case scenario.

What would happen if there were loopholes in your marketing strategy that were difficult to identify or even comprehend? Pipedrive provides a speedy solution to each of these problems without causing undue financial strain.

Pipedrive pricing

Because there are four reasonable price points to choose from with Pipedrive, there is no need to worry about or get a sense of being financially obligated when you first start using the service. Please take into consideration that the prices listed below reflect payments made on a monthly basis. You can get a discount if you pay for the whole year up front as well. Pipedrive also offers a free trial period during which you can test out the software, but you should be aware that there is no option to continue using the software at no cost indefinitely.

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Essential — The Essential plan begins at just $15 per month for the cheapest available rate. This is a smart starting point, and it will only cost you $15. It will allow you to develop a transparent sales process quickly and easily. You’ll be able to quickly manage your sales performance thanks to the capabilities afforded to you by this plan, including the ability to define your sales pipelines and activities.

Advanced. The monthly fee for the Advanced plan is $29 dollars. If you want to put your Pipedrive account into overdrive and give it powerful email marketing features, then you should consider purchasing this package.

The Advanced plan includes access to email template storage, email tracking, and email synchronisation. In addition, you can improve the quality of the data you already have by pulling it from social platforms such as LinkedIn.

The Professional plan costs $59 per month to subscribe to. This plan incorporates everything that is included in the Advanced plan as well as additional sales-oriented features. If you want your marketing team to completely destroy your sales performance and goals, the Professional plan is the best option for you to consider.

The Professional plan includes a variety of advanced features, such as calls that can be made with just one click, call recording, revenue dashboards, custom permissions, and tools for managing teams.

Enterprise is a yearly subscription that costs $99 per month and requires full payment up front. This is the best package that Pipedrive has to offer, and it includes everything that is included in the Professional plan as well as additional onboarding and hand-holding features.

You can expect additional customization options, enhanced security, assistance with installation, and user permissions if you go with the Enterprise plan.

How difficult is it to get started with Pipedrive? How user-friendly is it?

Pipedrive is one of the most cost-effective customer relationship management (CRM) platforms you will ever come across, which makes getting started with it a surprisingly stress-free endeavour. Overall, the straightforward and uncluttered user interface of Pipedrive makes it one of the more user-friendly options currently available on the market.

One of the most encouraging aspects of Pipedrive is that it does not require any upfront payment. That is to say, you are able to sign up for an account without having to provide a credit card and can immediately start clicking and clacking your way to better sales without experiencing any strain or financial burden.

A custom onboarding service is included in the ridiculously affordable Enterprise plan that costs $99 per month. This is even better news. You don’t need to take out a mortgage on your home to get off to a good start; all you need is some time and effort (or place of business).

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Pipedrive is an excellent tool for owners of small businesses, agencies, or other types of small businesses that want to improve the flow of their lead generation and sales process.

Because of its low price, Pipedrive is ideally suited for businesses that require improved sales insights but do not wish to invest thousands of dollars in a comprehensive CRM solution. If you decide to give Pipedrive a try, you’ll be joining over 90,000 organisations from 170 different countries that are already using it, so you’ll be in good company.

You can certainly integrate Pipedrive with Outlook in a number of helpful ways, and there are several of them. You can find third-party apps that enable a seamless connection between Pipedrive and Outlook if you search for them in the marketplace offered by Pipedrive.

Through this method, you will have an easier time connecting your contacts and your calendar. You can also check out the Outlook integration that Zapier offers if you want to combine the two services.

Bottom Line

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that is designed to be user-friendly for marketing teams and small businesses. This tool will assist you in revitalising your lead generation at a price that is affordable, allowing you to increase the number of sales you make.



Are you prepared to give it a shot?

Sign up for a free trial of Pipedrive today and find out how amazing it is to have everything you require at your fingertips. The trial lasts for a full fourteen days.
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